9 Jun 2016

MPs warned of major email glitch

4:11 pm on 9 June 2016

MPs have been warned there is a major problem with the parliamentary email system.

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MPs have been told not to open emails until the problem is fixed. Photo: 123RF

Speaker of the House David Carter interrupted question time this afternoon to alert MPs, and told them if they tried to open their emails before the problem had been fixed, they could lose all of their information.

David Carter

David Carter Photo: SUPPLIED

"So please take heed of that advice and further updates will come via the normal system."

His warning prompted some hilarity around the Chamber, which did not impress Mr Carter.

"Members may joke about it, it's actually rather a serious matter, that's why I warned you."

Labour's Trevor Mallard told MPs shortly afterwards that he had also been advised the glitch was wider than just emails, and opening diaries or any other information on the system could be problematic.

Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee raised a point of order, asking that - as members would be without their GPS - he wondered if they would be given assistance to help them get back to their offices.

"That's not a helpful point of order, if that is a point of order", replied Mr Carter.

Parliamentary Service said technicians were still trying to resolve the problem, and it had been given the highest priority.