2 Mar 2015

Australia, NZ to share info on criminals

9:29 am on 2 March 2015

The Justice Minister says exchanging information on violent criminals with the Australian government is a work in progress.

The Justice Minister Amy Adams talking to reporters about fresh inquiry into Bain compensation at Parliament.

Photo: RNZ / Jane Patterson

Under a new memorandum of understanding some New Zealand agencies will be able to make requests through the police for criminal history checks from the Australian police, and vice versa.

But the minister Amy Adams said that did not cover information on deported criminals.

She said the Government was notified when a criminal arrived from Australia but was not given detailed information such as security risks or parole board reports.

"What we don't have at the moment is full access to the details of what's gone on. Their security assessment, what the local parole board has assessed their risk as being, and that's the information we need to obviously put in a proper monitoring regime."

Ms Adams said both governments supported exchanging more information, but privacy laws needed to be addressed before an agreement could be reached.