4 Feb 2015

Labour questions PM's info on Sabin

9:45 am on 4 February 2015

Labour Party leader Andrew Little says he does not believe the Prime Minister was unaware of matters that led to the resignation of National MP Mike Sabin before Labour staff learned of them.

Mike Sabin

Mike Sabin Photo: Mike Sabin / Facebook

Prime Minister John Key yesterday said he found out on 1 December about issues that would lead to the resignation of the Northland MP.

Labour leader Andrew Little told Morning Report he heard about allegations from two different people in November, so they must have been widely known.

"It was clear to me from information that had come into my office that people seemed to know that the allegations had been made, they had been around for some time.

"So I certainly had the view I'd be suprised that the Prime Minister or people in his office didn't know about the allegations before we notified them of them.

Yesterday Mr Key said his chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, knew of issues affected Mr Sabin in November but he himself found out on 1 December. He said a call came in to his office from Labour on 3 December.

Mr Little has said his staff learned of issues and notified John Key's office on 26 November.

Mr Sabin resigned as Northland MP on Friday, saying he had personal issues that would be best dealt with outside Parliament.