29 Jan 2015

Call for Sabin to front up over claims

4:22 pm on 29 January 2015

A Whangarei lawyer says the Northland National MP Mike Sabin should either confirm or deny that he is under investigation by the police over a complaint.

Mike Sabin

Mike Sabin Photo: Mike Sabin / Facebook

Kelly Ellis, who was a Labour candidate in the last election, said the story had been circulating for months, in legal and political circles that Mr Sabin was the subject of a complaint.

She said the Northland MP was the author of a private member's bill that sought to remove a defendant's right to silence, but he's been far from open himself.

"It astonishes me that he would now be availing himself of his undeniable right to keep his trap shut about this, but at the same time is trying to take away that right when it relates to other people.

"There's a whole load confusion over this and it could be easily cleared up by Mr Sabin coming clean."

She said it would be inappropriate for Mr Sabin to continue as chair of the Law and Order Select Committee, if he was under police investigation.

Key called to front up

Labour Party leader Andrew Little said the Prime Minister John Key should come clean and tell the public whether the police are investigating Mr Sabin.

Mr Key refused to comment on media reports the MP was under investigation, dismissing them as rumours.

Mr Key said, as party leader and Prime Minister, he probably would respond to the reports if he was required to and was in a position to do so legally.

Mr Little said the Prime Minister would know if there was an investigation and he should tell the public.

"If there is an investigation, tell the public. If there's isn't one, tell the public. It's that simple."

Mr Key said Mr Sabin remained a fully-functioning member of the National Party caucus and the chair of Parliament's Law and Order Select Committee.