15 Sep 2014

Peters trying to muscle out Greens

4:00 pm on 15 September 2014

New Zealand First's leader is trying to position his party as a potential primary support partner to Labour instead of the Greens.

100914. Photo Diego Opatowski / RNZ. Winston Peters talking about police numbers at Hutt Gables Retirement Village.

NZ First Leader Winston Peters. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Winston Peters says some of the alternatives being offered to voters in this Saturday's election are a serious cause for concern.

Mr Peters said today that, in this campaign, the Greens have effectively twice led an assault on the Labour Party; first when they called for an audit of Labour's policies, and then when they said they could negotiate with the National Party.

The Greens have said they would try to get some Green policies implemented if National is re-elected, not that they would support National.

But Mr Peters said voters need to be disabused of the view that New Zealand First would stand by whilst the Greens promote extremist policies in government.

While polling suggests otherwise, New Zealand First said it could form a stable government with Labour, without a need for the Greens, like it did in 2005.

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