14 Sep 2014

Cunliffe greeted by tirade in Te Reo

7:14 pm on 14 September 2014

A lone protester attempted to disrupt Labour leader David Cunliffe's campaign efforts in Auckland this afternoon.

Mr Cunliffe was greeted at the Westfield Manukau Mall by what appeared at first to be a traditional mihi, which turned into a fiery tirade in Te Reo.

The protester, Te Rata Hikairo, was escorted away by two police officers.

Mr Hikairo later told reporters he was angry that Mr Cunliffe had ruled out having either the Maori or Internet Mana parties in a Labour-led government.

"What about the independent, the independent Maori voices, the Maori voices that are not subservient to the Crown or to David Cunliffe or John Key - those voices 'shut them up' - David Cunliffe just like doesn't want to listen to them."

Mr Hikairo said Mr Cunliffe would discover what Maori people think of him in a week's time.