14 Sep 2014

Final week of election campaigning

3:47 pm on 14 September 2014

Political parties are into the last week of the campaign before voters get to decide this Saturday who they want to represent them in Parliament.

New Zealand election

Next Saturday the 2014 election will be decided. Photo: Photo NZ

For the party leaders it is a last desperate few days to sway undecided voters and to ensure their supporters get out to vote.

National Party leader John Key said he was worried his supporters might be complacent with National well ahead of other parties in the opinion polls.

National Party leader John Key.

John Key, National Party leader. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Mr Key said he needed to convince National supporters that they had to vote.

"If the polls continue to show strong support for National some voters might believe we've got it in the bag, and not understand the mechanics of MMP, which could easily see Labour, the Greens, Dotcom and New Zealand First potentially form a government."

He said National was focused on "the issues that matter."

His party was achieving good results and had a big program planned for the next three years if re-elected, he said.

Mr Key said his party would continue their steady progress.

"We are the only political party that can bring stability and strength to the Government."

Labour leader David Cunliffe faced a different problem, with his party currently sitting on 25 percent in Radio New Zealand's Poll of Polls.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

Mr Cunliffe said he would campaign hard this week.

"Every moment of every day I'm going to be campaigning for votes or preparing for appearances which will gain votes.

"This is a really crucial week and this election can go either way."

He said his party focused on "jobs, homes, families" in their campaign.

He said the issue of child poverty was "crucial" in this campaign, and that growing a strong economy would combat this problem.

But it might be New Zealand First leader Winston Peters who holds the most decisive block of votes after the election.

100914. Photo Diego Opatowski / RNZ. Winston Peters talking about police numbers at Hutt Gables Retirement Village.

NZ First Leader Winston Peters. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Economic recovery, foreign ownership, focused immigration and separatism were centre points of his campaign, he said.

"Three nights ago I made a speech that separatism is coming to a council near you, woke up the next morning and it happened overnight in New Plymouth.

"That'll creep right around New Zealand and it's so negative and so counterproductive for this country."

Tomorrow night Kim Dotcom and US journalist Glenn Greenwald and will hold a public meeting in Auckland, and are expected to make revelations about New Zealand's spying activity.

Then Mr Key meets Mr Cunliffe in the final leaders debate on Wednesday night on TV One.

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