14 Sep 2014

Early votes at unprecedented numbers

12:58 pm on 14 September 2014

The Electoral Commission says advance voting for the 2014 general election is reaching unprecedented numbers.

As of Thursday, 148,700 people had voted, while at the same time last election 57,347 people had cast their votes.

This year all voters can vote prior to September 20th.

Chief electoral officer Robert Peden said the commission was pleased with numbers taking part in democracy but he says there are still around 185,000 people under 30 who have not enrolled to vote.

He said youth had always been the group that was lowest represented and he wanted to remind those yet to enrol that their voices count and they should have their say in who will govern New Zealand.

Mr Peden says only 11 percent of the world enjoys the type of democracy New Zealand has.

Voters have until the day before the election to enrol.

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