11 Sep 2014

Renewable energy pledge from Greens

7:26 pm on 11 September 2014

The Green Party is promising to ensure the country's electricity supply is 100 percent renewable by 2030, if the party is elected to government.

The Greens would also put $20 million into efforts to encourage the use of electric cars, if elected on 20 September.

At present, about 75 percent of New Zealand's electricity comes from renewable sources, mainly hydropower.

Co-leader Russel Norman said tody that his party would push that to 100 percent with a strong price on carbon and a new Green Investment Bank.

"What we're seeing all around the world is the smart green energy revolution is well under way. So it's important, I think, that New Zealand can be a part of that, and also there's huge advantages for New Zealand to be part of that."

The Greens would also encourage the uptake of electric cars by offering $1000 back on the first 10,000 New Zealand-new vehicles sold.

It would invest $10 million in the roll-out of electric refuelling stations throughout the country.

Dr Norman said the Greens would set an example by replacing the Crown's cars with electric vehicles over time.