5 Sep 2014

Internet Mana backs cannabis reform

8:42 am on 5 September 2014

Internet Mana has announced it wants to decriminalise cannabis for personal and medical use and would set a limit for how much a person can hold and grow.

The party's leader, Laila Harre, said there was clear evidence cannabis could be used to treat certain conditions and the law should be changed to allow patients to grow it themselves if they want.

Internet Party leader Laila Harré.

Internet Party leader Laila Harré. Photo: RNZ

Ms Harre told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme people are being deprived of access to natural cannabis which would be cheaper, more effective and less toxic remedy than other available drugs.

"If people were able to cultivate it for their own personal use or if they're in a situation where they're unable to cultivate cannabis because of their living situation or their disabilities they would be able to nominate another person to cultivate cannabis for them."

Ms Harre said the Mana and Internet Party coalition also wants a complete review of drug laws, including legislation concerning alcohol.

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