24 Aug 2014

Conservatives trailer set on fire

10:20 am on 24 August 2014

A Conservative Party candidate says an arson attack on his campaign trailer represents a frightening new level of election vandalism.

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Steve Taylor, who is campaigning in New Lynn in Auckland, said the trailer was set alight last night while attached to his car, outside his family home.

A large image of the Conservative Party leader, Colin Craig, was damaged.

Mr Taylor said neighbours alerted him and called the Fire Service, which put out the fire.

"If someone hadn't seen it and it had gone up, I would have lost the trailer, the car."

He said he lived in a bushy area and the fire could have spread to the house.

"We've got a young family here so obviously people are pretty shaken and pretty frightened."

He said the Fire Service had told him the fire was deliberately lit - however the Fire Service communications centre was unaware of the incident.

Mr Taylor said he had only unveiled the trailer yesterday.

He said he would put new signs on it today, and would not be put off campaigning.