7 Jul 2014

Harre warns against ruling party out

7:50 pm on 7 July 2014

Internet Party leader Laila Harre says the Labour Party should not be jumping to rule her party out of ministerial positions after the election on 20 September.

Laila Harre.

Laila Harre. Photo: INTERNET PARTY

Labour leader David Cunliffe isn't ruling out Internet-Mana as potential support partners, but made it clear at the weekend they won't be sitting around his Cabinet table.

Ms Harre said Mr Cunliffe isn't following a proper negotiation process. She said there is still 10 weeks until the election and a lot could happen in that time.

Ms Harre said Labour is getting ahead of itself by making pronouncements about what kind of government it will and won't form.

She wouldn't confirm whether Internet-Mana will demand Cabinet positions in a coalition negotiation, but said the parties won't withhold support from a Labour-led government.