17 May 2014

Social housing 'cut' puzzles sector

12:32 pm on 17 May 2014

There's confusion in the social housing sector about what appears to be a drastic cut in government funding.

Thursday's Budget allocated $30 million for non-governmental organisations' housing projects over three years from 2015.

In 2012, just over $104 million was allocated to the Social Housing Fund, which helps to provide housing for low-income groups.

Salvation Army social policy analyst Alan Johnson says that money has now been spent on projects and there is nothing left.

The new allocation of $30 million won't be available until next July and must then last through until 2018.

Mr Johnson said that amount of money would only buy about 100 extra houses at a time when more and more people in south Auckland are sleeping in their cars, with many on the brink of living on the streets.

The sector is seeking clarification from the Government.