14 May 2014

Peters' race horse ownership queried

7:07 pm on 14 May 2014

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is insisting he did not need to declare a share he had in a race horse.

Former New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan said the mare, Ballazeel, was owned by Mr Peters and others but was not declared in the Register of Pecuniary Interests for MPs.

Mr Peters said he bought a one-tenth lease on the horse at a charity auction in 2008 but he no longer had any part in its lease.

"I've just spoken to the head of Racing New Zealand. I appeared as a lessee, not an owner," he said.

"... it's gone back to the original people. I'm not required by the law, or by the Registrar of Pecuniary Interests, to declare a horse. End of story."

Mr Peters said the Registrar of Pecuniary Interests did not require an MP to declare ownership of race horses, and would not require a lease share to be declared, either.