1 Mar 2014

Prebble says ACT on the mend

12:17 pm on 1 March 2014

ACT campaign director Richard Prebble says the party has made a remarkable recovery in the past few weeks.

Mr Prebble, a former ACT leader and MP, has made the opening address to more than a hundred supporters at the party's annual conference in South Auckland.

Richard Prebble.

Richard Prebble. Photo: SUPPLIED

Mr Prebble says since last month's appointment of a new party leader, Jamie Whyte, ACT has had a massive increase in new members and donations.

He says the party is no longer in a dire position.

Mr Prebble says in the past three weeks the party has raised more than $240,000 in donations and has started to register in political polls at 0.4 percent.

He says the election of Mr Whyte is the best move the party could have made.