22 Feb 2014

Craig prepares to sue Russel Norman

7:02 am on 22 February 2014

The Conservative Party leader, Colin Craig, has begun preparing for a defamation case against the Greens' co-leader, Russel Norman.

Colin Craig.


Mr Craig is preparing a defamation case against Dr Norman after the MP refused to apologise by a deadline on Friday for comments he made at the Big Gay Out.

Mr Norman has refused to do so.

Mr Craig says the comments are provably untrue and, in his view, defamatory.

He's asked his lawyers to draw up a draft claim and to estimate the costs and possible timeframes of a court proceeding.

Mr Craig says he's been advised that further comments made by Dr Norman this week on Television New Zealand's Breakfast programme may also be defamatory.

He says he's seeking legal advice on whether they can also be added to the claim.