11 Feb 2014

Dotcom to disband party if polling low

7:35 pm on 11 February 2014

Internet businessman Kim Dotcom is promising to disband his Internet Party if it fails to poll above 5 percent before ballot papers are printed.

Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom. Photo: AFP

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman is on record urging the multi-millionaire not to enter politics.

If the Internet Party continues to poll poorly, Mr Dotcom says he will throw his weight behind another party adopting its policies.

Dr Norman said on Tuesday that is a rational decision. He said Greens are a natural alternative to the Internet Party as strong advocates for the internet economy, privacy and digital freedom.

The MP said he would fight to keep Mr Dotcom from being extradited to the United States, if he was part of the next Government.

Last year, Dr Norman tried to convince Mr Dotcom not to enter politics, saying he might inadvertently return John Key to power by stealing votes from Opposition parties.