12 Nov 2013

Cunliffe says Tamihere's chances virtually nil

7:59 pm on 12 November 2013

Labour leader David Cunliffe says talkback host John Tamihere has virtually no chance of standing for Parliament for the party.

Mr Tamihere and his RadioLive co-host Willie Jackson have been taken off air for the rest of the year amid criticism of the way they interviewed a young woman about an Auckland sex ring involving a group of young men.

Mr Tamihere, a Cabinet minister in the Labour Government 10 years ago, has indicated in the past that he would like to return to Parliament.

He is not a Labour Party member, as his membership was not renewed this year.

Mr Cunliffe says his membership is a matter for the party - but he wouldn't be in a hurry to sign him up - and thinks Mr Taimhere has a snowflake's chance of becoming a Labour candidate.