31 Oct 2013

Police to face investigation over spy complaints

12:06 pm on 31 October 2013

The police are being investigated over how they handled complaints against the Government's spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau.

The complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority was laid by Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

In August, police carried out their own investigation into a complaint about the bureau's surveillance of Kim Dotcom and an associate.

Police asked the GCSB to spy on Mr Dotcom ahead of the raid on his Auckland mansion in January last year.

The police investigation found that while the spy agency staff did technically break the law, they did not have the necessary intent to reach a threshold where a prosecution should be taken.

However, Dr Norman says there were many flaws in the report and the Independent Police Conduct Authority will be investigating his complaint.

Dr Norman says one of the issues is that a lawyer hired to review the police investigation had a conflict of interest because of their previous and on-going work for the police.