18 Sep 2013

Dalziel says she 'hit the wall' in valedictory speech

7:37 pm on 18 September 2013

Outgoing Labour MP Lianne Dalziel has described how she hit rock bottom in the early part of her political career.

Ms Dalziel is resigning from her Christchurch East seat to contest the Christchurch mayoralty.

Lianne Dalziel.

Lianne Dalziel. Photo: LABOUR PARTY

In her valedictory speech, Lianne Dalziel, told Parliament she became Labour's health spokesperson at one of the most controversial times in the history of the country's health system.

Ms Dalziel said she invested a lot in getting to the bottom of a report that showed a number of patient deaths at Christchurch public hospital were preventable.

"It is true that I hit the wall, the explanation that I offer as I leave this place is that the core of my inner being was rocked by discovering that the same ethical approach that guides clinicians and health professionals in their work does not apply to those managing the public health system in such an environment."

Ms Dalziel encouraged political parties to improve women's participation saying it matters that young girls see Parliament as a place they can aspire to serve.

She said they must not find that they are staring through a glass ceiling.

Ms Dalziel listed some of her major achievements as establishing the Immigration Programme, and improving the country's refugee determination process when she was Immigration Minister.