27 Aug 2013

Govt 'hasn't softened stance' on super age

9:44 pm on 27 August 2013

The Government says it has not softened its stance on superannuation with the release of a discussion document that considers allowing people to choose when they take up their pension.

Finance Minister Bill English says whether the proposal has merit is yet to be tested.

The proposal, by United Future leader Peter Dunne would give people the option of taking up super any time between the age of 60 and 70, with the rate increasing each year the decision's deferred.

Mr English says the Treasury would need to work out how much the policy would cost.

He points to concerns that the Government would have to end up providing welfare benefits for those who struggle to get by on the reduced pension.

"I think those are the issues that will be discussed. Is it feasible to have people choosing a lower pension when the current pension's a bit of a challenge to live on? That's all open for public discussion so we haven't taken a stance about it other than to issue the document because that's the undertaking that we made with United Future."

Mr English will report to the Cabinet on some of the answers in November.