25 Aug 2013

Report says NZ has improved human rights

6:40 am on 25 August 2013

A Government report on the status of human rights in New Zealand says improvements have been made in areas of concern highlighted by the United Nations, such as discrimination, inequality and family violence.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has released a draft report on changes made in areas singled out by the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2009.

Ms Collins says the Government is making significant progress in addressing the council's 56 recommendations.

However, Amnesty International says the report does not reflect the fact that rights to housing, education, social security and health are not adequately protected.

Spokesperson Amanda Brydon says Amnesty wants the Government to put more emphasis on strengthening such rights as part of the current constitutional review.

The final report on the issues highlighted by the UN will be submitted in November to its Human Rights Council, which reviews the record of member states every four and a half years.