8 Aug 2013

Swift consideration of re-entry plan promised

5:01 pm on 8 August 2013

The Minister of Energy and Resources says as soon as he gets the plan to recover the remains of the 29 men who died in the Pike River mine, he will take it to Cabinet for consideration.

A spokesperson for some of the men's families, Bernie Monk, is confident Solid Energy's board and the Government will approve the plan to re-enter the mine.

The minister, Simon Bridges, says he has yet to see it but on Thursday he reiterated the Government's position that if it's safe - and financially and technically credible - the Government will back it.

He says the mine's owner, Solid Energy, would need to sign it off first and he would take it to Cabinet forthwith.

Mr Bridges says the main issues for the recovery plan are whether the ventilation shaft can be sealed, and getting into the access tunnel, known as the drift.