17 Jul 2013

Govt wants cameras to catch red light runners

10:34 pm on 17 July 2013

The Government is moving towards introducing cameras at intersections throughout the country where there's a problem with motorists running red lights.

It is also intending to upgrade the technology, so information can be sent directly from the camera to police.

Associate Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse says cameras are already operating in Auckland, but the Government wants to work with local councils to choose the best sites for cameras elsewhere.

Mr Woodhouse says at present, a fine is about $150 and more cameras will mean more revenue, but it's not about raising more money, but reducing the number of people hurt or killed.

He said between 2008 and 2012 there were 11 fatalities, 169 serious injuries and 1466 minor injuries where the running of a red light was a contributing factor.

The minister said a trial in Auckland between 2008 and 2012 showed that having a red light camera in place resulted in an average 43% reduction in red light running and a drop in crashes of 69%.