27 May 2013

Polls suggest Mighty River hasn't dented National's support

8:47 am on 27 May 2013

The Government's controversial sale of a 49% shareholding in Mighty River Power does not appear to have dented its popularity.

In two polls out on Sunday the National Party still has a comfortable lead over the Labour Party.

In the One News-Colmar Brunton poll, support for National jumped six points to 49% compared with last month.

Labour was down three points on 33% and the Green Party dropped four points to 9%.

In the 3 News-Reid Research poll, support for National fell but it still recorded 47%, while Labour got 33 and the Greens 12.

Of the minor parties: New Zealand First did best in both polls, recording 4% in the One News poll.

Both polls were taken after the Budget and surveyed about 1000 eligible voters.

They have margins of errors of plus or minus 3.1%.