9 Feb 2013

Hobbit documents not likely to be blocked

9:15 am on 9 February 2013

The Prime Minister has given an assurance the Government is unlikely to block the release of more documents about The Hobbit movies after the Ombudsman ruled they should be made public.

John Key said the main objections to releasing the documents came from Wingnut Films and New Line Cinema.

New Line has warned that releasing the information would be a major disincentive to studios making movies here.

Mr Key said the Government has no objection to making the documents public. He said the Government does have the power to veto the release of the information, but is unlikely to use it.

Actors Equity said the warnings should not stop the Government releasing the information.

Spokesperson Phil Darkins said threats were made during the dispute that the films would be taken offshore and they weren't.

The Ombudsman's decision followed an appeal by Radio New Zealand and the Council of Trade Unions.