30 Mar 2012

Boag hints at leaks from within National

7:47 pm on 30 March 2012

Former National Party president Michelle Boag says some elements within the National Party may have leaked information relating to ACC and Bronwyn Pullar.

Ms Boag has acted as a support person for Ms Pullar in her idealings with both ACC and Sovereign Insurance relating to insurance claims following a cycle accident.

She said on Friday that neither she nor Ms Pullar had leaked Ms Pullar's name to the media in relation to the claims and she accepts ACC Minister Judith Collins's assurance that she did not either.

But Ms Boag says there may well be people in National who have decided to leak material, although she can not see why they would do that - unless they were seriously unhinged.

Ms Boag's comments follow the publication of a 2007 letter from Sovereign linking the Prime Minister John Key to Ms Pullar's insurance claim.

Ms Pullar's name was also leaked to the media after she was mistakenly sent details of thousands of of ACC claimants.

Mr Key says he has not been involved in any claims-support or advisory team for Ms Pullar and Ms Boag says the suggestion in Sovereign's letter that the people mentioned were part of a support group was completely wrong.

She says Mr Key was listed in the letter as someone who knew about Ms Pullar's situation, but he was never asked for his support and never offered any assistance.

Earlier, Ms Pullar said she had never asked the prime minister to do anything for her and he never offered to assist.

In a statement, Ms Pullar says she provided Sovereign Insurance with a list of people who were aware of her dispute with the insurer, as part of negotiations to reach a confidential settlement.

She says she can recall only one conversation with Mr Key where she made him aware of her situation, during a National Party Christmas function.

Ms Pullar says he listened politely as she vented her frustrations, but did not offer to assist.