17 Dec 2010

Donated food to be distributed to Pike River families

10:55 am on 17 December 2010

A group of former Pike River Coal mine workers met on Friday to work out how to distribute donated funds and food to the families of sacked workers in Greymouth.

Pike River Coal Ltd went into receivership on this week and 114 workers were made redundant.

Five of those workers have formed a welfare committee, after being told some miners will receive as little as 10 days termination pay next week.

Committee spokesperson Steve Duncan says it's a horrible feeling losing your job two weeks before Christmas.

He says the group has been overwhelmed by people's generosity and plans to set up a bank account to make it easier for people to donate.

Mr Duncan says a Christchurch-based charity will bring over a truck full of donated food this weekend - which will be shared between the families.