8 Aug 2012

Pike River Commission decides not to reconvene

10:30 am on 8 August 2012

The Pike River Royal Commission has decided not to hold further hearings.

An application was made by former Pike River Coal chief executive Peter Whittall for the commission to reconvene to hear fresh evidence.

In a statement, the commission says it has sufficient evidence to answer its terms of reference and does not believe a further hearing is necessary.

It says the purpose of the inquiry is not to determine individual legal rights and liabilities but to establish what happened, why it happened and to make recommendations.

The commission says where evidence is adverse to the reputation of someone, or an adverse finding is contemplated, any party that is affected will be given a chance to respond before the report is finished in late September.

Earlier in September, the High Court will hold a judicial review into the decision not to go ahead with further hearings.