22 Oct 2013

Fiji's National Council of Women wants more women in politics

4:12 pm on 22 October 2013

The National Council of Women in Fiji is embarking on a project that aims to increase the representation of women in politics in the lead-up to the elections promised for next year.

Its general secretary, Fay Volatabu, says it will work with the United Nations Democracy Fund to raise public awareness and train women as leaders.

Ms Volatabu says the new constitution is silent on the issue of women participating in politics, so it is up to the political parties to decide who they will nominate, and the public to who they are going to vote for.

She says there is still a possibility the yet-to-be released Electoral Act may demand that half the electoral roll be reserved for women.

"This is basically about the empowerment of the public to make decisions. I mean, that's all it is. It's about freedom, it's about human rights enshrined in the constitution. So, as far as we're concerned, the people need to be enlightened and especially for us as women."

Fay Volatabu says it is not about getting all women into leadership, just those of merit and integrity.