1 Mar 2012

ACC rejects 'miser' label

2:41 pm on 1 March 2012

The Accident Compensation Corporation rejects suggestions it has a culture of denying injured people their legitimate entitlements.

ACC chairman John Judge has told Parliament's transport and industrial relations select committee there has been no pressure on ACC staff to do anything other than what is right.

Labour MP Andrew Little questioned Mr Judge about a substantial rise in the number of claims rejected by ACC which had then been overturned on appeal.

Mr Little spoke of a case in which he had intervened to ensure a young athlete got ACC cover, and said there was a culture of miserliness and denial of entitlement.

The ACC chairman said that in no discussion he had had with any level of management was there the slightest hint that Mr Little's view was correct.

"Do we make mistakes occasionally? Of course. Are we perfect all the time? No."

Mr Judge added that whenever he hears of cases such as the one Mr Little brought up they are instantly reviewed and dealt with.

Mr Judge said says more of ACC's decisions are being overturned on appeal simply because the corporation is now vetting applications made to it.