30 Jan 2012

Auckland population about to be 1.5 million

8:04 am on 30 January 2012

The population of New Zealand's largest city is about to reach 1.5 million.

Statistics New Zealand says Auckland is expected to reach this landmark around the middle of the week, based on average population growth during the past two years.

It's barely 50 years since the city reached half a million people in 1964. The one million mark was reached in 1993.

Conservative estimates suggest the population will reach two million within the next 20 years.

The growth is significantly attributed to an evolving ethnic community.

By 2021, it's estimated Pakeha will comprise 53% of Auckland's population. Some 27% will have Asian heritage, 17% Pacific Island and 12% Maori.

Mayor Len Brown says the city is not growing too quickly and will be future-proofed to manage an increasing population.