28 Jan 2012

3000 people turn out for The Hobbit casting

5:29 pm on 28 January 2012

Police estimate about 3000 people turned out on Saturday afternoon for a casting for Sir Peter Jackson's movie The Hobbit.

The casting caused a back-log of traffic and some trouble on State Highway 2 in the Belmont area in Lower Hutt which led to the film's production company closing its doors early.

The film's production company, 3 Foot 7, was expecting about 1200 people to turn out for Saturday's casting.

About 800 people were seen in the Belmont Memorial Hall, before the production company voluntarily closed the casting down early as it was overwhelmed by the numbers that turned out.

Police say people were running back and forward across the state highway and there were two vehicle accidents due to people watching the crowds.

Those who didn't make it into Saturday's casting session and are still hopeful can apply online.