22 Jan 2012

Man had spade and gas cylinder but no knife - police

5:15 pm on 22 January 2012

Police say a man who was shot by an officer in South Auckland was armed with a spade and barbecue gas bottle - not a knife as previously stated.

Police initially said the man confronted officers with a knife when they arrived at a Manurewa house.

Neighbours who watched the incident unfold told Radio New Zealand the man was holding a spade and wasn't armed with a knife.

Police now say the man armed himself with a garden spade and an LPG cylinder leaking gas.

They say they tried to negotiate with him, and used pepper spray and a taser, but he kept advancing towards them and was shot in the leg.

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch says preliminary analysis of video footage confirms what happened.

He says the police won't make any further comment until charges are laid.

Neighbours who saw the shooting say the man was shot three times in the thigh.

He's now in a stable condition in Middlemore Hospital.