14 Jan 2012

Nelson City Council defends courtesy crossings

6:08 pm on 14 January 2012

The Nelson City Council says courtesy crossings work well and should not be removed, despite the crossings coming under criticism from a former police officer.

Courtesy crossings are usually made of bricks or paving and are often raised above the level of the road, but they do not have the traditional zebra stripes and drivers are not required to stop at them to let pedestrians cross.

The council's comments were sparked by the former head of Auckland's Serious Crash Unit, Stu Kearns, who says the unofficial crossings should be removed unless they are clearly marked.

Mr Kearns says he first encountered the crossings while visiting Nelson in December and he has written a letter to the Mayor voicing his concerns.

But Nelson city councillor Gail Collingwood says the crossings work very well in Nelson and she is not aware of any accidents.

The Transport Agency says the crossings are used across the country and injuries at any type of crossing are rare but do occur.