More oil to be cleaned-up

4:09 pm on 14 January 2012

Clean-up teams are looking at how to clean up fresh oil washed ashore from the Rena at Papamoa East.

Spots of oil stretch along 2km of the coast.

Other clean-up teams will head to Motiti Island to look at cleaning up oil on the island's rocky northern coastline.

Meanwhile, Braemar Howells says it believes it has now recovered all floating containers from the ship.

Seventeen containers which were washed up on Waihi beach have been removed, but three more have been found in the Bowentown heads area on rocks at the entrance and in Anzac Bay.

A container holding plastic beads has been pulled from the surf above the high tide line on Matakana Island, but 11 containers remain on the island.

Braemar Howells says there's no quick fix for getting debris off Matakana Island.

It says 27km of the coast are strewn with timber and rubbish.

A plan has been agreed to unload the containers, dig shells out of the surf and fly the debris off the island by helicopter.

But a three metre swell off Matakana on Saturday means most of the vessels picking up debris from the water, cannot operate.

Volkner Rocks warning

Eastern Bay of Plenty harbour master Brian Spakeis is warning vessels to avoid the Volkner Rocks area, following sightings of debris from the Rena.

He says any vessels that enter the area should stick to low speeds, keep watch for debris and be off the water by nightfall.