9 Jan 2012

Tanker reaches stranded yacht off Northland

8:02 pm on 9 January 2012

A tanker has reached a stranded yacht off the west coast of Northland.

The Cheval de Mer, 20 nautical miles off the coast, has been stranded since its mast was broken in heavy seas on Saturday. Emergency supplies were dropped to the crew of three men on Sunday.

The Kakariki was diverted to assist the yacht on Monday morning, but strong winds and large swells caused major delays.

A search officer with the Rescue Coordination Centre says the tanker reached the yacht on Monday evening and has assessed the damage.

Keith Allen says the yacht's motor appears to have seized up and the wind has shredded the sail.

A charter boat operator will tow the yacht into Kaipara Harbour on Tuesday morning.

Mr Allen says the three men on the yacht are in good spirits and not in any danger.