29 Dec 2011

Summer Report: local papers

7:33 am on 29 December 2011

Thursday's headlines: Teenager arrested for Turangi assault; bad summer for those with hay fever; total watering ban in Christchurch; insurance premiums rise for University of Otago.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with the arrest of a 16 year old teenager for an assault on five year old girl in Turangi. Detective Inspector Mark Lopier said he was arrested on Wednesday afternoon and faces charges of sexual violation, aggravated wounding and burglary.

The other front page story in the Herald is the weather: downpours around the country will have passed by New Year's Eve. But most of the North Island can expect a damp holiday and heavy rain could hit the popular New Year's destination, Mt Maunganui.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times also leads with the Turangi arrest. The girl's parents have expressed their relief at the arrest and their gratitude towards the police and the community.

Another finalist is profiled in the paper's Person Of The Year Award. Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney is the spokesperson for NARK, the Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids group.

Dominion Post

The arrest in Turangi also leads The Dominion Post.

Hay fever sufferers describe this summer as the worst in five years. Dr Alistair Young of Khandallah says this is the worst year he has seen for hay fever sufferers.

New Zealand tennis player Sacha Jones says she had little choice but to turn her back on the country of her birth to play for Australia.

The Press

The Press says Christchurch residents face a total watering ban during the hottest part of summer to ease demand on the city's infrastructure. In October, the council imposed the city's first water restrictions for more than a decade. It says last Friday's aftershocks have created further cracks in the city's water system.

It also carries a picture of six year old Portia Himsel who thought she had found a marble in a shell while playing at a beach on Banks Peninsula on Boxing Day, but she may have stumbled on one of New Zealand's most valuable pearls.


The Otago Daily Times says the University of Otago is facing a significant cost to insure its $2.3 billion of buildings and contents assets next year. Insurance premiums have risen following the Christchurch earthquakes.

And the paper features Julie Ramsey who as a 12 year old schoolgirl won a competition to design an adventure playground for Wanaka. Now 47 and living in Australia, she has returned to Wanaka to see her dinosaur slide still in use.