19 Dec 2011

Dunedin council goes to court to protect Saddle Hill

10:14 pm on 19 December 2011

The Dunedin City Council is taking a quarry at a prominent landmark back to court.

The council has been in dispute with the operators of the Saddle Hill quarry for several years over the scope of its rights to remove stone and clay.

One face of the hill has been quarried since the 1950s, but there have been public claims the hill's profile is being significantly altered.

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull says the council is re-launching a previously begun Environment Court action because mediation with the quarry's owners has not succeeded in guaranteeing Saddle Hill keeps its skyline profile.

Mr Cull says the company claims a pre-existing right from a council predating the Dunedin City Council, but has not been able to back up that claim with documentation.