14 Nov 2011

Zac Guildford says 'sorry'

6:56 pm on 14 November 2011

Disgraced All Black Zac Guildford has appologised for his behaviour in Rarotonga, saying he has no clear recollection of what happened.

In a statement issued by the New Zealand Rugby Union, he says there is no doubt this behaviour is unacceptable and he is hugely embarrassed.

Guildford says it's obvious he needs help and he will get it as soon as he can when he gets home.

His drunken behaviour was made public on Sunday when it was reported he entered a bar in Avarua naked then assaulted two men.

Guildford says he wants to apologise to the people who he was involved with and offended that night, the patrons and bar staff who witnessed his behaviour, and the people of the Cook Islands.

Two months ago, Guildford admitted having a problem with alcohol and agreed to moderate his drinking.

Cook Islands News managing editor John Woods told Checkpoint says he has been asked by two New Zealand rugby union representatives to arrange a meeting of the people confronted by Guildford so that he All Black can apologise to them in person.

He says he is still waiting to hear back from them.

Mr Woods says opinion on the matter is mixed, with some feeling their should be repercussions and penalties and others believing an apology will suffice.

He says there is also recognition that he needs support with his problems.