3 Nov 2011

Beast should never walk free again - ex-girlfriend

8:37 am on 3 November 2011

A former girlfriend of a man known as the Beast of Blenheim says he should never be allowed to walk free again.

The Parole Board will have to release Stewart Wilson, 64, from prison next September after he has served two thirds of a 21-year sentence for 23 charges of rape and assault.

The board invoked a special rule three years ago to keep Stewart Wilson in prison for as long as possible.

However it has no option but to release him next year, despite a report saying there is a high probability he will reoffend.

Wilson's former girlfriend, Lois Lenaghan, says she is devastated he will be freed.

She says Wilson was highly abusive to her and she hoped he would have died in prison.

Victims frightened

A former police officer who led the case against Wilson, says his many victims are likely to be afraid he may take some kind of action against then when he's released from jail.

Colin McKay told Morning Report he agrees with those worried about Wilson's release, as he appears not to have taken any responsibility for what he's done.

He said it will mean another dramatic time for his victims, who will be fearful he will act against them, or try to intimidate them.