27 Jun 2011

Dog in custody over police car havoc

6:07 am on 27 June 2011

A large dog that disabled two police cars and an animal control vehicle in South Auckland has been captured.

The dog bit through tyres in two police cars and an animal control vehicle called in to try to catch it overnight on Saturday.

Senior Sergeant Miles Horsnell says the dog's first target was the tyre of a police car patrolling in Mangere.

The officer changed the tyre and returned to find the dog, which struck again, puncturing a second tyre.

It went on to pierce a tyre on another patrol car that came to assist and, finally, the animal control vehicle.

A council spokesperson says police and dog control officers caught up with the dog at its home on Sunday morning.

The spokesperson says they have spoken to the animal's owner and taken the dog into custody. A decision on its future will be made in a few days.