19 Apr 2011

Japan quake fund donation boxes stolen

3:35 pm on 19 April 2011

Police are reviewing security footage following the theft of earthquake donation boxes from several Japanese restuarants and shops in Auckland.

Seven of the 185 donation boxes have been taken in the past 10 days.

Collection boxes were targeted at some well-known inner-city Japanese businesses, including Daikoku Restaurant in Victoria Street, the Iko Ikogift shop in Karangahape Road and Renkon Cafe in Pitt Street.

The Japanese Society estimates about $3500 has been stolen.

President Masa Sekikawa says the money was meant to help the people of Japan who were affected by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami on 11 March.

Mr Sekikawa says the thefts are on security footage at several locations and the images have been given to police.

So far, $75,000 has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross from the collection boxes.