6 Apr 2011

Shackleton replica whisky blend judged a fine drop

10:33 pm on 6 April 2011

A bottle of whisky, painstakingly recovered from Ernest Shackleton's hut in Antarctica, has been replicated in a limited edition run, and is being described as sublime.

Three bottles from crates of whisky found under the floor of Shackleton's hut were taken to the Whyte and Mackay distillery in Scotland where master blender Richard Paterson recreated it using several whiskies.

Whisky writer and critic Dave Broom who tasted the original century-old scotch, told Morning Report it was well-balanced, with soft fruity characters and a touch of smoke, and not at all what was expected.

He said the replica blend of several malts is excellent, and a close approximation, though not an exact copy.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust in Christchurch, which recovered the bottles, will receive a portion of the takings of the replica blend.

The trust stands to gain $500,000 if all 50,000 bottles are sold.