15 Mar 2011

New Zealander wants out of nuclear plant area

9:52 am on 15 March 2011

A Japan-based New Zealander living 50km from the quake-hit Fukusima nuclear power plant says she wants to leave the area but there's no way to get out.

Jessica Harvey, originally from Tauranga, lives in the city of Fukushima with her Brazilian husband and their four-month-old baby.

She told Morning Report her home is about 50km from the plant, which is outside the evacuation area, but she is still worried.

Foreigners who can leave have done so, she says, and she would prefer to come home, but has very little petrol in the family car, buses and taxis are not working and, in any case, driving is difficult because of huge traffic problems.

Ms Harvey works in the international affairs division in the prefectural office, and says she and other staff were told they had to come to work even when they asked to stay home.