10 Mar 2011

NZ not satisfied with Thai hotel deaths statement

1:00 pm on 10 March 2011

The Minister of Foreign Affairs says there has still been no significant explanation for a string of tourist deaths at a Thai hotel, including that of New Zealander Sarah Carter.

The Governor of Chiang Mai says the deaths of Ms Carter, a British couple and a Thai tour guide - who all stayed at the Downtown Inn last month - are a coincidence.

Mr McCully told Morning Report there is no evidence to suggest the deaths are not a coincidence, and New Zealand officials in Thailand are still seeking forensic information.

Looking at the transcript of the governor's statement, Mr McCully says, "Clearly they're concerned to try get back to a normal situation from a tourism point of view.

"We would obviously take the view that that wasn't appropriate if there were lingering questions."

Mr McCully says the ministry will consider issuing a travel advisory that puts on record any concerns New Zealanders should be aware of before travelling to Thailand.