11 Aug 2010

Six-year-old's killer fails in parole bid

9:09 am on 11 August 2010

The man who abducted and killed Christchurch schoolgirl Louisa Damodran has been turned down for parole.

Peter Holdem abducted the six-year-old in 1986 as she walked home from school.

In his first appearance before the Parole Board in three years, Holdem said he is trying to see a doctor for surgical advice.

However the Board's convenor, Judge David Carruthers, said in his ruling that Holdem should be wary of any simple solution to his complex situation.

Judge Carruthers said there is no simple guarantee of release for Holdem whatever he does, because psychological reports place him at a very high risk of reoffending.

The decision says Louisa Damodran's family remains extraordinarily distressed by what happened, and anxious that he may reoffend.

Louisa Damodran's mother, Aynsley Harwood, says the family has been deeply affected and the pain is still very raw.

Retired Detective Inspector Mal Griebel who led the 1986 murder inquiry, says he hopes all future parole applications will be rejected.

"If he is released, I don't care how many experts they produce, he will commit

murder of a young child again," he said.

Holdem, 53, will go before the board again in May next year.