Paroled offenders missing in Christchurch

3:43 pm on 26 February 2011

The Department of Corrections says it is struggling to find a number of offenders paroled in Christchurch.

Spokesperson Brendan Anstiss says parole officers have tracked down most offenders but some are thought to have left the city.

Mr Anstiss says several probation centres have been damaged by the earthquake so officers are now travelling through the region to find and support offenders.

He says that from next week Corrections officers will conduct business from probation centres that have not sustained any damage.

Inmates put together welfare packs

Prisoners in Canterbury are putting together welfare packs for people affected by the earthquake.

More than 5000 of the packs, containing blankets, water and emergency supplies, are being distributed by the Red Cross.

Mr Anstiss says prisoners are also compiling packs of fresh vegetables for the Salvation Army.

He says prisoners are part of the community and have family and friends affected by the quake.

Mr Anstiss says Corrections has sent more than 200 workers from around the country to Christchurch in order to give local staff time off to help their communities.