8 Feb 2011

Midwife gives evidence about Hamilton baby death

7:29 pm on 8 February 2011

The role a junior and inexperienced midwife may have played in the death of a baby in Hamilton is being investigated in a Coroner's court hearing.

The woman is the focus of an inquest into the death of a baby in October 2009, just under a year after she graduated as a midwife.

The boy was stillborn and the mother suffered from cardiac arrest, a partial stroke and a loss of blood. She also had to have a hysterectomy.

On Tuesday, the inquest was told the mother was sent away from a birthing centre while in extreme pain because she was not far enough into her labour.

On returning to the centre, it is claimed that not enough urgency was given to her case and that she was not taken to the hospital soon enough.

The parents want guidelines and supervision of inexperienced midwives changed.

The midwife has name suppression and on Tuesday told the parents how sorry she is for what they have been through.

The midwife also told the court that she has been unemployed since the birth and believes that if name suppression is lifted she will never be able to work again.