27 Jan 2011

The curious case of the castrated cat

6:50 pm on 27 January 2011

The Tauranga owner of a pedigree cat mysteriously neutered says she does not know why someone would do such a thing.

Buddy, a prized two-year-old bengal siamese, went missing last week for two days and returned home without two vital parts, owner Michelle Curtis says.

It brings Buddy's stud career, which was worth about $450 a time, to an end.

Ms Curtis told Checkpoint has never had any complaints about her cat and none of the vets in Tauranga have seen Buddy in the past few days.

She is now concerned his castration may be the work of a do-it-yourself surgeon.

Ms Curtis says Buddy must have known whoever did it for them to be able to pick him up, as he doesn't like strangers.